Welcome to Willow Tree Group

WTG Holdings Ltd trading is the holding company with Willow Tree Children’s Services, Willow Tree Support Services and Willow Tree Family Services.

WTG Holdings Ltd is an emerging, driven, and pioneering company, formed and managed by qualified and experienced social care professionals, to provide a range of professional services to children and young people who may have experienced abuse, neglect, or psychological trauma. We also support families that are troubled and need social care intervention.

The aim is to enable children, young people, and their families to live fuller lives in which they understand risk through robust support from our experienced staff, be able to problem solve and obtain skills to successfully live independently. The purpose is to affirm children, young people and families’ sense of self-worthiness and independence by choice teaching, participating in their communities and performing everyday tasks, achieving and being able to have the requisite skills to successfully lead positive lives.

Our aim is to provide a warm, safe, and caring environment for vulnerable children, young people, and families. We will enable the child and young person to develop their skills in accordance with their independence plans. The children and young people may have previously experienced some of these: emotional pain, social and academic failure, and rejection. Willow Tree Group endeavours to enhance their well-being in order that they have a bright and positive future.

Our Core Aims

  • We value children, young people and families: we commit to putting children, young people and families first, nurturing, and empowering them to have a brighter and safer future.
  • We value relationships: through healthy relationships and working together we create a fun, inclusive, and diverse community.
  • We value integrity: we commit to being trustworthy, reliable, responsible, and accountable.
  • We value integration: we achieve integrated working through honest and open communication, mutual respect and understanding.
  • We value individual learning and development: through a responsive and creative environment, we provide opportunities for everyone to recognise and achieve their full potential.
  • We value ‘not giving up’: we go the extra mile to meet the challenges of daily life in a consistent and thoughtful way.