Contact Solutions

Contact Solutions

When parents separate, children and young people will often have an arrangement to meet with the parent they are no longer living with.

This is called contact. This can be in person, by phone, online or by letter. Families will have different individual contact routines depending on their circumstances and the ages, needs and wishes of the children and/or young people.

Our staff team consists of experienced Social Workers and Contact Supervisors with backgrounds in Social Care, Early Intervention, Family Support, Early Years, Fostering and Youth Work. We can offer our contact support services at a contact centre, or it can be community based.

Kind Words

Currently, two of my young people are placed with Willow Tree Support Services, and both are doing very well with their personal development and education.

Willow Tree seems to invest a lot in their young people, and they also seem to do a good job in placing the right supporting staff around the young people who understand their needs.

Both young people are happy when I see them, and they both speak highly of the support they are getting from the Willow Tree staff team.

In addition to their positive investment in the young people, I have never had any problem with communication or sending regular progress reports in relation to the development of my young people. The staff team are very proactive in ensuring that my young people are getting the right support and make me aware in a timely manner on matters that I need to be aware of.

In conclusion, I can say that I have been receiving an outstanding service from the Willow Tree team with the service I am getting in relation to my two young people with them.

OS | Personal Adviser, Hampshire