Children’s Residential Care and Support

We are registered with Ofsted to support young people, aged between 11 and 17 years old, with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties, who need additional support to lower their risks and vulnerability.

Our aim is to offer high-quality care within a homely and nurturing environment that meets the specific educational, physical, social, intellectual, and emotional needs of the children and young people placed with us. We aim to equip them with the knowledge and skills to allow them to make informed choices, and we encourage and support them to develop and move forward. Ultimately this may involve a return to a family setting or taking up a place in the wider community.

We provide young people with planned, whole-year care, with behaviour support plans when appropriate and individually tailored education and skills-based work programmes, working closely with our local schools and other external educational provisions.

Willow Tree Children’s Services works inclusively with all service users, and typically support children and young people, of all genders, race, culture & ability, aged between 11 to 17, who:

  • Have experienced family separation, neglect, abuse and trauma
  • Have had patterns of exclusion from school
  • Have a Statement of Special Educational Needs
  • Display attachment difficulties and low self-esteem
  • May have a confused, distorted view of life and present challenging, anti-social behaviour
  • Have attachment disorders with parents, siblings and significant others
  • May be fostered
  • Subject of repeated placement breakdowns
  • Have had issues with youth offending
  • May have physical health needs

All work done by Willow Tree Children’s Services is delivered in-line with the requirements of The Children Act 1989, The Children’s Homes Regulations 2015 working together and associated stature & Guidance.

Our Children’s Services

Ofsted Registered Residential Children’s Home In Berkshire

Ofsted Registered Residential Children’s Home In Berkshire

Willow Tree Children’s Services has a four-bedroom Ofsted registered residential children’s home in Berkshire.

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Kind Words

Currently, two of my young people are placed with Willow Tree Support Services, and both are doing very well with their personal development and education.

Willow Tree seems to invest a lot in their young people, and they also seem to do a good job in placing the right supporting staff around the young people who understand their needs.

Both young people are happy when I see them, and they both speak highly of the support they are getting from the Willow Tree staff team.

In addition to their positive investment in the young people, I have never had any problem with communication or sending regular progress reports in relation to the development of my young people. The staff team are very proactive in ensuring that my young people are getting the right support and make me aware in a timely manner on matters that I need to be aware of.

In conclusion, I can say that I have been receiving an outstanding service from the Willow Tree team with the service I am getting in relation to my two young people with them.

OS | Personal Adviser, Hampshire